Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why Grandma's are GREAT---10 Reasons you should love Grandmas even if yours is a bit Quirky.

1.  More than likely she is a bit quirky. And well a little quirk helps the world spin.

2. She loves you.  Yeah, I know seems like an odd reason to love someone just because they love you, but really for the most part they love you despite your faults.

3. Most Grandma's will come to you defense even when your parents won't.  Or at least I would like to think they do.

4. They spoil you. One way or another.  Not always sure why. Especially when your a bratty little kid.  I guess it is to pay your parents back for being bratty little kids.

5.  They tell you stories about your parents that make you feel better about your parents.  You know the ones your parents wish you never ever heard.  Thanks Gramma!

6.  If you are lucky enough to have a Grandma around when you have your own kids you get to see a side of Gramma you never saw before. You get to see Your Gramma through your child's eyes.  Oh how my son love's my Grammas and I'm very lucky to say all mine are still alive.  So that means my son has Great Grammas and well aren't all of them "Great".

7.  They make things for you if the are handy/crafty if not they know people who are and get you really cool handmade items.  You know you love those crazy Christmas sweaters you get every year.  In my case I get cool afghans and when I was a kid hand made stuffed animals, sweaters and many other things!!

8.  They bake. Well mine do. I have my pleasant physique for a reason.

9.  Grammas teach you things. They are a wealth of knowledge.  There is something about how a Gramma teaches you that just sticks.

I stole this photo from my mom's blog.
10. They were once just like you(and for the most part still are): Rebels without a cause, to cool for school, geeks, jocks, hippy, beatniks, activists, nerds, goody goodies.  Your Gramma helped shape the world.  My one Gramma was a total fashionista. 

I just love my Grammas. I've been lucky....I have a few. And they have all been really good to me and have really helped me through years.
For this I thank you. I love you and Just wanted to tell you all how great I think you are.
Also, writing this little blog today I realize how few pictures I have of any of you. What is with that?? I think you need to send me pictures. I know you have some.


  1. Awesome Beck! Yes, you are VERY blessed in the Gramma Department! I see what I can find for pictures and I'll start scanning. Who are the 'quirky" ones?
    I don't EVEN want to know about the stories you were told. Some things are best left alone.
    Love your son's Gramma