Friday, February 4, 2011

Ooh La La

Above way at the top is my new logo. What do you think?
I'm still working on the blog as you can see but it is coming along.
So, what do you think? I value your opinion, your comments only make me better.

And in up and coming shop news I will be attending February's Brocante Lux Market.  I will also be heading the kiddie craft table.
I am in need of your recyclables for Craft time. I need the following items: Formula or margarine containers with lids or any other container with soft  lids for easy cutting. Cereal or other Cardboard boxes that a thin enough a child could cut.  We will also need scraps of brightly coloured papers and fabrics to decorate items with. Any crafting materials you have but no longer need or want would be a great help too!
You ca email me and let me know what you have or you can comment below that way I can be sure I have everything I need to make wonderful things with the kids!


  1. I love the new look! I have a special thing for grey.
    I can't help with the other stuff, sorry.

  2. Cute new logo :) However.. My recycling just went on Tuesday morning, and, it was 2 recycling boxes full :P

  3. Love the new logo!
    As for your supplies, I'll be able to provide a few cereal boxes and coloured paper. What other kinds of things do you need to decorate? I have those pompom things, letter stickers, that kinds stuff. If you have specifics I can see what I have - you know how much stuff I have in this room hehe.

  4. Well, Shannon I need it for the 25th of Feb. So save this weeks please. Thank you.
    And As for you miss sassy Kat, YOu can bring anything you think a kid could use to decorate anything. Only bring stuff you don't want any more, kids can be a bit destructive.