Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Fabric for Cozies!


I found these very cute fabrics with the help of Kat Lantz of Sassmowth Designs.  She has to be my best customer. WE met up yesterday and she took my entire stock of smaller coffee cuffs. She has one of my cuffs and uses it everyday. People are always asking were she got it. Instead of telling them to go to my site, She will  now  be selling them on the spot for me and giving out my cards. You know what that mean??? I had better get sewing.

Thanks Kat for all you help.  And don't forget to visit her site. 

I'm off to go sew!!


  1. Ooooo!! I love all of those fabrics! Get sewing girlie!

  2. Can't wait to buy 2 new cuffs with those fabrics! LOL Thanks for the fun day and thank YOU for helping me pick out my pineapples. What? Pineapples? I can't resist! Rob loved it too lol. I better get sewing as well!
    Oh, for the thing I'm drawing on the pineapple fabric pillow i was thinking, why not another pineapple? :)

  3. Go Pineapple. Pineapple on pineapple will look really cool.
    Oh I can't wait to get sewing just have to get the tension fixedx on the machine and I will get at it.